Eyeliner Stencil

About the stencil

Do you love wearing eyeliner but struggle to get it right? With Pro-Moi eyeliner stencils you won’t have to worry about starting again and again. This stencil allows you to create looks from a thin traditional eyeliner look to a bold dramatic look.

The stencil is light weight and perfectly fits into you make up bag with ease so you can use this anywhere and everywhere for any occasion. The stencil includes instructions along with a cloth to help keep your stencil clean for the eye area.

How to use

It’s so easy! So let’s start by placing the stencil over your eye and hold tightly so your eyelashes are peeping through the gap on a slight angle for the perfect wing. Now this is where you decide the look you are going for. If you are wanting a dramatic eyeliner look then place the stencil high above your lash line for a thicker line and follow the guide. If you are wanting a finer line for a thinner look then place the stencil closer to the lash line. It’s really that simple!

It is recommended to use with liquid eyeliner, it makes the process a lot smoother and faster. Don’t forget to wipe the stencil before you flip it over for the other eye to repeat the same step.

Now you’re the professional so just wing it!

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